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Zarko Expert SEO Interview Myths Revealed and Tips For Beginners!

Hi Zarko!

Marty -Thanks so much for providing time for this interview and letting us pick your brain about SEO techniques, formulas and hidden lies.  Also, it's great to have you as a Hubpages Tribe Member!

Zarko - It is my pleasure.

Marty - Can you first please tell us a little about yourself and how you become an SEO service provider?

Zarko - Long story short, I started like most of other guys, purchased a few domains planning on getting rich and somewhere along the way I figured out I know nothing about SEO. Like most of the guys I first wondered what SEO in fact is, so I started to learn and I got dragged in it along the way. It was not long before I started talking in SEO forums and picking on other thoughts about this and that, and before I knew it I was giving someone else advices about what to do and how to proceed. It didn’t take me long to switch to providing SEO services, of course, I first practiced on my websites, I still do whenever there is something new I want to try out.

Marty- What do you believe would create the biggest headache for people starting out, and wanting to do their own SEO for their Blogs, website, or Hubpages etc?

Zarko - From my experience most of the beginners actually have trouble with link building. First of all it is hard to recognize white hat SEO from black hat SEO in the beginning, so everything that is out there is actually confusing for everyone new to SEO. So in fact what is making the biggest headache for the people starting out is tons of information that are different from one another, they simply don’t know who to trust and as such they don’t know what to do, most of them are scared to try something because they fear being slapped by Google. Finding a few good SEO resources is the first thing anyone should do, but more than one, never rely only on one site or blog, as we SEO’s tend to get stubborn and sometimes fail to see what is in front of us.

Marty- What would be the advice that you would provide for beginners who want to do their own SEO?

Zarko - Like I said before, first you need to learn and learn from a few different sources. Learning from just one book can never get you the knowledge needed. But aside from that you need to learn to have patience, SEO is not a quick get rich scheme; it is an ongoing process that requires work and patience. So whatever you do in the beginning, investigate it, think it through, investigate some more, and then slowly implement your technique step by step.

Marty - Also, do you know of any recourse online that they could use to help them achieve this?

Zarko - I already provided several well know sites where people can find everything they need to learn about SEO and to stay updated, but to make a short list of sites that must be read I would go with SEOBook, SEOmoz, Matt Cutts Blog and definitely Warrior Forums. Almost every SEO expert that is known all over the world can be found there.

Marty- Could you please outline to us what is S.E.M and how would people benefit from this?

Zarko - That is a great question, many people think that SEM or Search Engine marketing revolves only around paid marketing, this is not true. SEM is a combination of both SEO and PPC, search engine optimization and paid per click. Each of these has its benefits and flaws’, so combining the best from both worlds creates the most complete marketing method to get your site to the top ranks. PPC has faster results, but SEO has a much better click through rate and when both are combined in the right way you can surely expect some good results.

Marty- The next part gets pretty nitty gritty here. Actually I think we will get down and dirty and expose some SEO Myths.

Zarko - Gladly. Most of these myths are leftovers from few years back, some of them were a reality 5 or 6 years back, but now they are nothing more than a distraction, especially for the beginners. The others come from the self proclaimed SEO gurus looking to get rich off of SEO beginners that don’t know left from right regarding SEO.

Marty -Can you reveal 3 SEO myths for the readers please?

Zarko - The first SEO myth is the so called Google ban, which is in fact a misunderstanding by most people new to SEO. When you hear the word ban you automatically think about never being able to return to the index, which is wrong, and there the myth is busted. Google and other search engines will remove a site from their index if the site doesn’t follow certain guidelines set by them, but they also encourage the same web owners that were removed from the index to correct those mistakes and resubmit their website into their search directory. So you will not get banned, just removed until you correct the mistakes, the people that don’t correct those mistakes or the hard core black hat SEO guys are the ones promoting this myth.

Zarko - The second SEO myth I always tell people is the famous profile link from a high PR domain that will get you to top rankings. I really don’t understand why people can’t understand this one, as it is not confusing at all. While the domain itself or the home page has a high PR, like PR8, the profile page where you placed your link is PR0, which is the value of the link you get. Yes, the site holds some authority and that is a plus, but that only works if the website you are getting a link from is related to your own. There isn’t much point in getting a link from a website dedicated to teen problems if the link points to a digital camera reviews website.

- The third myth is my favorite, letting your PR juice flow out. I can’t describe how ridiculous this statement is. The SEO gurus claim that having outgoing links on your pages will lower your page rank. If that was true none of us would link to anyone at all. Having too many outgoing links on one page may harm you as you will be seen as a link farm, so try to keep the number at a normal level, so anything between 5 and 50 links is ok, the numbers close to 100 is when you have to get worried, but again, that won’t lower your PR.

Marty - Can you tell us briefly why people shouldn’t be scare of SEO?

Zarko - Never had that question before! The reason why most people are scared of SEO is because they don’t understand it and think that it’s some mumbo jumbo or diminish it by telling themselves that it is just a scam to get money out of people. Although there are plenty of SEO’s scamming their way through the internet and life there are plenty of honest and professional SEO companies that suffer because of them. The only thing people need to fear is getting the right firm to do SEO for them, and that is not as hard as it seems. That is why I recommend learning basics of SEO so you would know how to spot a scammer, the myths mentioned before are a great way to tell if someone is legit or not. Nothing to be scared there, as long as you avoid black hat SEO that is.

Marty -Do you believe that SEO is actually easier to learn than most people would believe?

Zarko - Well that is really a tough question. SEO has so much to it, but again it relies on several basics that haven’t changed for a long time. But the tricky ones and the ones that count the most keep changing. So the answer is no, it’s not difficult to learn SEO, it is difficult to stay updated all the time, that is the real challenge SEO brings.

Marty - I have a question from a reader from Michaelé Harrington

 MichaelĂ© Harrington: : Since caffeine was launched in June, would you agree that one third of your rankings comes from links, the other from freshness of content and the final third from acitivity?

Zarko -  I wouldn't agree 100% on that one. First of all, the three criteria mentioned were always a big influence on rankings, so there is no news there at all. Yes, they influence your rankings greatly, but not in thirds like some formula Google created. Links influence how Google sees your website; if the links come from authoritative pages Google will like you.

- Fresh content says to Google that you are active and that you are working on your website all the time, a great plus. Activity is one thing we can all hope for, that is what we want, traffic. The more traffic, the more comments the better for your website or blog. But like I said, this is nothing new; these are all the aspects of SEO Google always paid attention to when ranking a site.

- The new innovations Google Caffeine brought are much smaller, they affect speed and accuracy, very little is changed in regards to SEO, according to Aaron Wall and Matt Cutts, and I agree with them from what I've seen so far, these were the first changes to be seen:

 - Domain authority and age has more effect on the rankings, which puts new websites at a disadvantage

 - Domain URL’s with keywords in them have a slightly higher chance of ranking

 - Better understanding of synonyms and related words by the spiders

 - Of course, Google Caffeine is not 100% live and they are still implementing changes, so until they announce that no more changes will be made all of this can be temporary. So what you are seeing now as results may be absolutely different in a month or two.

 - I hope this clears a few things up for you. And I have some food for thought: Why don't you focus on the Yahoo & Bing merging and how will that affect your rankings and will they become competition for Google Should we focus more on them

Marty -Do you have anything else that you like to add to this interview?

Zarko - I just want to add that learning the basics of SEO is a must today for people that want to do SEO themselves and for people looking to hire an SEO firm. Having some basic knowledge will help you choose the right firm and make sure that your SEO campaign is going in the right direction. One other thing, don’t take the easy way promoted by some SEO’s, in most cases it involves black hat SEO techniques. Also, don’t rely too much on SEO software, although most of the apps and programs out there are really helpful you need to do some research on your own, as well as link building and article marketing. Spinning, auto comment programs and stuff like that should be avoided, especially if you are new to it and don’t know how to use those programs and apps effectively.

Marty- Thanks so much for your time and the input that you have provided for the readers here!

Zarko - It was my pleasure Marty.

Marty - We hope to have you on again in the near future.

Zarko - I hope to be here again.

Marty -If anyone would like to use your services how could they find you?

Zarko - For anyone that wants to employ my services I have a business mail they can contact me through, it is or they can submit the form on my website found here: Feel free to fill out the form as the evaluation of your website is free.

Zarko Zivkovic

Practical SEO Firm

Interview By The SEO Dad Marty Ware

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